]\en Early Signs of ADHD Risk in Preschool Age Children Here is my response: Hmmm… how about we try a more positive tone? As an educational therapist that works with and advocates for children with ADD/ADHD and a person with ADHD (as well as having many friends with it), I suggest a language change, as […]

My child is beginning to resist medication Original post… My son, age 11, was diagnosed with ADHD in 1st grade. He has done very well with Vyvanse, with limited side effects, but is now starting to resist taking it.  He says he doesn’t “feel like himself” when he’s on it.  He’s on summer break from school […]

Why French Kids Don’t Have ADHD French children don’t need medications to control their behavior.

ADHD and the Interest-Based Nervous System Finally an article that I agree with! Except, in the end, we will discover that more than 10% of the world’s population has characteristics associated with ADHD.

In a writing assignment, you are taught to first define the purpose for what you are writing. My purpose of writing this blog is to share many of the impulsive decisions, risk-taking moments, and in general, mi vida loca, with anyone who is interested in people with ADHD. My name is Michele, I am a […]

Until you find “your people.”

The first step to living the life you want is leaving the life you don’t want. Taking the first step forward is always the hardest. But then each step forward gets you closer and closer until eventually what had once been invisible starts to be visible and what had once felt impossible starts to feel […]